Can you live a life with an objective mind?

A life without subjectivity and morality requires a new way of thinking.

In the last year I have struggled with the concept of morality.  A rule based system of subjective judgements, morality is the byproduct of religion.  The moral argument is always weak, for there is shown always exceptions to the rule, or the double standards of the one making the moral argument.  Amongst the Christian is the rule of “thou shalt not kill”, but in the USA the strongest advocates of the death penalty and wars against the Muslims are Christians.

Another issue I struggle with is my empathic nature, in that I allow my emotions or the emotional states of my environment to cloud my judgement.  My subjective emotional state has allowed others to use and abuse me, and has placed me in situations I should not have been involved in.

Three developments in my own philosophy has enabled me to set aside morality, as well as curb my emotional state,  with an objective based judgement system.  These are as follows:


A philosophy of the ancient Greeks that holds that everything has a purpose or ultimate design.  That the good and bad of a thing is based on if the purpose is achieved or not. Finding the purpose of things, and then making my judgements accordingly has made me objective, and allowed me to escape the chains of morality.


The idea that I am only involved with people and things that benefit me, that I can “trade” with by offering something of value for the thing that I wish to obtain.  Everyone comes to the table with something to trade with, and leave the trade a winner.


A Greek idea that everything has a potential, and the focus is to actualise that potential.


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