Did I find my own personal Holy Grail?

Everyone should have their own individual spiritual quest for a Holy Grail.

As a child I was into King Arthur and vowed to find the Holy Grail.  I have read about the Holy Grail, and visited places associated with King Arthur and the Grail Quest.

One tradition is that the Holy Grail was a magical cauldron, that later stories transformed into a Christian version of a cup connected to Jesus.  The Mabinogion, an ancient Welsh text, contains the story of Bran the Blessed, who was keeper of a cauldron.

Bran was a title of a number of kings of Britain starting with Llud, moving through Caswallawn, Cunobelin and ending with Caratacus, associated with the Catuvellauni, and centered on Colchester.  It was a type of Druid king cult with the high king ruling a wide area of the East and South of Britain, backed by seven sub kings.

The most well known of these kings was Cunobelin, who the Welsh triads identify as Bran, and the Romans regarded as king of all Britain.  Cunobelin ruled from Colchester, the former capital city of Britain.  In grail legends the Holy Grail has been depicted as a head and as a cauldron, and is regarded as a seat of wisdom, creativity and rebirth.

In the Bran story the head of Bran was eventually buried in a great hill facing France to protect Britain from invasion.

During a visit to Colchester I visited the former palace of Cunobelin on the Hilly Fields.  I made a surprise discovery that a cauldron had been found ritually buried in the hill of Cunobelins palace, on its side, its mouth facing east towards France.  I discovered my grail.

The cauldron is now in the Colchester castle museum.


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  1. Thats cool. nice.

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