The internet is a vehicle for the mass propagation of memes

The internet is nothing more than a dumping ground of memes.

I read a blog by someone about internet groups and forums where they said:

“They huff and puff for a year or two. Then poof, they vanish off the face of the earth.”

The problem with the internet is nothing is around for long.  Forums, groups, blogs appear and then vanish a few years later.  Because of this lack of permanence it is foolish to consider the internet as being a depository of permanent knowledge.  Indeed, because universal education allows even the moron to read and write, the internet unfortunately is polluted with much ignorance and misinformation.

I previously viewed the internet as having functions of trade, networking, communication, fun and education, but I think its proper function to be a medium of the mass propagation of memes.

Memes are defined by the Oxford Dictionary as:

“An element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.”

Like any seed a meme needs the appropriate environmental conditions to develop, and the anarchic nature of the internet means that many memes get sown into loci where they will never manifest anything.  Another concern is how memes end up controlled by intellectual property protections which allow both the meme and those that the meme infects to be controlled by faceless corporations, religions and governments.

To see the internet as anything but a propagator of memes is a delusion.  Memes need to be manifested in the real world, and the internet to function as a mere carrier pigeon of memes to the appropriate targetted individuals. Care must be exercised that the carrier does not contaminate, enslave or destroy such memes if they are unique to a person or a group of people.


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