Question everything, look for the hidden agenda

Develop a questioning attitude, and look for the hidden agenda behind everything.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders that all professionals use to treat mental illness has now added new mental disorders, which includes being shy and bereavement to its bloated list of disorders.  As crazy as this seems, the hidden agenda makes it logical to invent new mental disorders – drug companies.  For every condition there is a pill, and profit for the drug company.

Imagine there is a gifted child, who misbehaves in class out of boredom with the teaching.  This in the West can be diagnosed as a mental disorder called ADHD, and there is a drug for that called Ritalin.  Once diagnosed, labeled, and medicated the zombified gifted child can now fit in with the system.  Drug companies like this.

At the moment the media are awash with news demonising the leadership of Syria and the nation of Iran.  Once you understand the connection that Syria is culturally and politically joined at the hip with Iran, you will understand why the West have suddenly become caring about human rights abuses in Syria.  The hidden agenda is oil and Israel.  The desire is regime change in both Iran and Syria to grab control of the oil, and eliminate a growing threat to Israel.  The media coverage is a flood of memes to prepare the way for military action by the West, an attempt to overcome the public dislike for more wars in the Middle East in a time of global economic crisis.

Once you develop the skills of questioning what you see and hear, then looking for hidden agendas, it is fun to watch the hidden power plays behind the scenes as people of power attempt to manipulate us, and play political chess with each other.


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