Having a spring clean gives spring to your life

Having an occasional spring clean in your life gives you a boost.

As winter gives way to spring, the flowers of spring announce the new year by unfolding their blooms.   These flowers lift my spirits as they proclaim the return of warm sun and bright day.

At this time of renewal of the earth, I am inspired to look to my own life.  I begin to review my life to see if there are areas that need changing, eliminating or adding to.  Over the years I have been harsh on junk, thus this is no problem to me, for 90% of what I own remains useful.  The 10% of junk will be given away, sold, or thrown away.

A friend of mine in real life, who is a Luciferian in all but name, has headed off to Hungry to sample the spas and baths there.  It is in these saunas that he will spend days just reading, and getting clean as a “babies bum”.  This visit to hungry is this individual’s personal ritual to throw away the old, and emerge renewed for a new phase in his life back home.

I am thinking along the same lines as the person who went to hungry, though at this moment I am unsure what my personal ritual for renewal should be.

I am looking to lose 14 lbs in weight built up over the last six months, and I will be eliminating a growing pile of paper.



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