Principle: “follow the common”

Personal opinion is a child’s toy.

My personal philosophy known as Monadic Luciferianism, follows a series of principles.  Each day for a short period I shall write about each of these principles, starting with “follow the common”.

We as human beings exist in two realities, that which we think is, and that which really is.  It is the opinion of some that the world is flat, however, the reality is that the world is round.  It is the opinion of some that there is good and evil in this world, however, in reality there is no good or evil, but mere human subjective judgement based upon a set of human invented rules.  It was the opinion that the sun revolved around the earth, in reality the earth revolves around the sun.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus introduced a set of principles, of which many I have adopted into my own philosophy, one which is “follow the common”.  This principle asks that we put aside personal opinion, and follow the true nature of the Cosmos.  Personal opinion is mere playthings of children, the mature adult follows the common of reality over the fantasies of personal opinion.

It could be that my personal opinion is that I will float if I throw myself into a deep river with iron armour on.  The common of the river cares nothing for my childish personal opinion, and it will drown me if I did so.

It is the opinion of some that the current bail out of Greece with further loans, backed by deep cuts to that nations expenditure will result in a positive outcome for the current world banking system.  It could be that the fruit of the “common” is civil war in Greece, and eventual default.


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