Principle: “everything flows”

Nothing is still, everything is in motion and changing in the Cosmos.

Attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, the term “panta rhei” considers a Cosmos that is always changing and never still.  If upon placing a foot into a river at two different times of the day, it is noted that the water that existed on the first occasion will no longer be the same on the second occasion, for it is a different flow of water at that spot.

Nothing is still in the Cosmos, all moves, dies and renews.  We can slow the effects of old age, but it is inevitable that we will grow old, just as death is a certainty. We can take a photograph of a person as a child, but that only captures a moment in time, for sixty years hence an old person that was that child will stand before us, and sixty years further a corpse.

We think through the motion of activity in our brain.  We live through the motion of our breathing, the motion of the beating heart, the flow of blood through our body.

I support the ideas of Plotinus that the Cosmos emanates from the “One”, and seeks to return to that same source.  Since even the “Forms” of Plato are emanations of “One” they must also be subject to “panta rhei”, for they must also flow from and return to the “One”.  I reject the idea by Plato that the “Forms” are unchanging, for even the “One” flows, for due to the internal activity of “One” the Cosmos has come into being.

Accept that everything changes and is in motion. Build into our lives flexibility and adaptability to changes in our lives and environment.  Know that attempts to control and contain the Cosmos is doomed to failure.


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