Principle: “greater dominates lesser”

The greatest mass emanates a greater gravity that will shape, direct and organise the lesser masses around it.

The sun and planets of our solar system have gravity, but the sun dominates all by size of its own gravity.  The stars of our galaxy follow the greater influence of the black hole at the centre.

Many of influence speak English, thus it is a dominant international language that all others are forced to learn to do international business.  In many areas of the world Christianity, Islam and Buddhism is the dominant religion, holding sway over the laws, cultures and activities of nations, to which a belief system like Luciferianism has little influence over.

If a crowd acts in a certain way, the mass and gravity of the sum of their activity dominates all the lesser, thus all are compelled to follow the greater, or resist with difficulty.

“Might is Right” is an expression of “greater dominates lesser” for no matter how unjust, or wrong the action or consequence of the one with greater influence, it is the greater that will win the argument through “might”.  It could be that the bombing of natives in Africa by the British Empire is wrong, but through its military “might” Britain enjoys the “right” to dictate the outcome of the conflict.

The USA and China dominates the world through economic and military power, Ireland and Iceland have little influence.

Facebook and Google are dominant players on the internet. Why? Because people follow and give them the influencing gravity of numbers over all rivals.  The giant weakens if it loses mass by those withdrawing their support.

Three ideas emerge from “greater dominates lesser”: the greater weakens if the smaller parts leave it; the greater defeats the smaller; the smaller becomes greater by attracting others.


6 responses to “Principle: “greater dominates lesser”

  1. Then at what point does the ‘might’ give way for the seed of a new dominant force?
    This is the deeper meaning of the chinese concept of Yin and Yang. There is the seed of one in the other. A greater force eventually dissipates, or loses its power, then there is space for the growth of something new.

    Good post.

  2. No, the idea of Yin Yang is to describe the constant interplay of opposing forces throughout the universe at all macroscopic and microscopic scales, and also over all timescales.
    Balance is very nearly an illusion… and something that one should not wish to head toward!

    If you think of a pendulum, it is active, useful, and displays its purpose through movement.
    When first lifted and released, gravity pulls it down to its centre point, but due to it having mass, it continues past this point by use of inertia. This is eventually overcome by the downward pull of gravity, then the motion is reversed and repeated…. but you know all this.
    So, when falling, the effect of gravity dissipates to nothing and the potential of inertia takes precedent.
    When rising, the effect of inertia dissipates to nothing, and the potential of gravity takes precedent.

    You can see from this that there must be an interplay of the two forces to make the whole.
    The removal of only one is not a possibility. It is like two sides of a coin. You cannot remove one side of a coin and still have a coin. If you still have a coin, then all you’ve actually done is to make it thinner!

    As the pendulum eventually comes to rest, (generally through the loss of stored energy through friction) and there is a perfect balance between gravity and inertia, the interplay ceases to be, and this can be considered the ‘death’ of the pendulum.

    Yang is the active force of gravity ‘fuelling’ the movement.
    Yin is the passive force of the inertia.

    So, as you can see, balance can only be created by the ‘death’ of a thing and the loss of its ability to demonstrate its purpose.

    Hope this helps

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