Do you have a connection to the land?

Unless we have a connection to the land, as well as nature and ourselves, we become rootless beings.

It is Spring in Britain, the rivers and springs have run dry through drought, and lambs are born dead or deformed from Schmallenberg virus.  Such a situation would have sent the British people of 2000+ years ago into panic, for Spring is supposed to be a time of plenty and fertility, but only death and drought stalks the land.

The ancients of Britain had the idea all things had a spirit, a genius loci, and they believed the land was a female spirit, an earth goddess.  The earth goddess had many names, and many symbols, was associated with rivers, wells, springs, hills and valleys.  The earth goddess was associated with sex, war and abundance. The ancients built Stonehenge, deposited vast sums of gold into rivers and even sacrificed people to encourage fertility. From amongst their number they elected a ruler to act as the representative of the tribe with the land, elaborate rituals then followed to bind ruler to land to assure fertility and a successful harvest.

Dead lambs and dry springs symbolise lack and death, a land in trouble.  In Britain wealth is giving way to poverty, and even those basic resources of food, energy and water that have been taken for granted are no longer cheap and plentiful as it once was.

Of course, for most British people, they are blind to the signs of trouble in the land, blinded through the distractions of their televisions, hamburgers and latest must have electronic gadgets.


2 responses to “Do you have a connection to the land?

  1. Yup, I’m with you here. Of course we have a connection. Even to ask the question means that the idea of us being something separate to the world around is considered a possibility. If that were so, then we wouldn’t need to live off of the land.
    And yes, we still do that! It’s just that other people do the work for us and we buy it from the shops.
    I think that that essence of what you’ve written is spot on. We, as a species responsible for the welfare of the planet, need to learn how to listen to what is REALLY happening… and not just through science. I think gut feel is also a big indicator… that’s our connection.


    • As dumb as it is, some people in my nation are so disconnected from the land they have no idea what an oak leaf looks like or that potatoes are grown in the ground.

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