The importance of being happy where you live and work

The location of where you live or work has a major impact on your life for good or bad.

I was disappointed today that Colchester, where I live and work, failed to win city status in a national competition in the United Kingdom.  Instead, the Queen has awarded the city status to our Essex county rival Chelmsford.

I am passionate about my “town”, which in the former Roman Empire was a city, and was capital of Britain before London even existed.  Colchester provides for all my needs, and it has a positive impact in my life.

I have also moved home in the last week to another address in Colchester, that is slightly better than my former address.

If you are unhappy in the location where you live or work, why then put up with such a situation? A location that acts like a ball and chain rather than supports you has a serious impact on you physically, emotionally and mentally.  Everything that you have a relationship with in life should be supporting rather hindering you, that which hinders is best cut away or changed.

If unhappy, change things, nobody else will change it, only you can do that.  The environment you live and work in can either be enabling or disabling, and you have the choice to which that will be.


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