The need for a universal open-source technological culture

Human civilisation would progress rapidly if it simplified technology with a free universal standard.

A fellow Luciferian highlighted the situation of yet another virus that is causing a nuisance around the world. This “scare” is another face of human beings complicating what should be a simple efficient and universal process.

I have wasted hours of my life because the designer behind a technology made their gadget or piece of software complicated and incompatible with other hardware and software.  This wasted time, energy and money I could have used to better myself or do something positive in the world.  This is the universal story of human culture, all of us being trapped in a web of complexity and technological incompatibility.

In my opinion if there was just one universal computer language, that was open source and free, then everyone would be working to the same standard, improving it and producing efficient applications that was compatible to all technologies and applications.  Nobody would have to pollute the world with toxic waste from hardware that was no longer compatible with a new hardware of software design.  It should be that only parts need be replaced and upgraded, the discarded part recyclable into a new advanced part.

I should only have to deal with one universal file type for word processing, or a picture image, video, or sound file, rather than mess around with dozens of variations, each proving incompatible with the the other, or needing different conflicting software and hardware to run it.

Nor should we be in the situation of technological corporations restricting the development and access to technology, or attempting to frustrate advances through intellectual property restrictions.  Worse, such corporations taking out patents on a technology they have not produced, and then suing those that did manufacture it.

All technology should be shared without restriction for the benefit of humankind, in a way that is simple, universal and open to all.  The current situation sets human development back hundreds of years.


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