Why we have unlimited potential, but are limited in actuality

We have unlimited potential, but our limits are imposed by the lack of actualisation of that potential in the material world.

The acorn has the potential to become a mighty oak tree.  In fact the acorn knows no limits, thus it has the potential to take over the entire world either as the oak tree, or reproducing unlimited offspring.  In the world of potentiality the mighty oak tree already exists in the acorn.

To actualise this potential of a mighty oak, the acorn must draw to itself energy from the Cosmos, to clothe the image of its oak tree in matter.  It is the degree to which the acorn is successful in drawing energy from around itself that determines how strong, fertile and large it will be in the material world.

The acorn, and the oak tree it will become, is subject to the Wheel of life, and must enter into competition with all other objects in the Cosmos for the energy resources to manifest its potential. The oak tree may have the potential to fill ten square miles of space from its acorn beginnings, but the lack of energy it draws to itself may only enable it to actualise a millionth of that potential.  Likewise the overall strength of the oak tree and the number of offspring it can produce is energy limited.

The oak tree competes with other objects such as the insect, bird or fungus that will steal energy from it to actualise their own potential. The oak tree will collide in space with other objects, such as fellow trees for energy, and thus it suffers an artificial barrier to its growth. The oak tree seeks to overcome all barriers, but its energy resources, the ability to manifest actuality out of potential, limits its success.


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