Live your own dream

Often people live the dreams of others rather than their own dream.

As I review the wreckage of a failed partnership business project this week I realised I was living another persons dream.  

Fortunately my commitment to that project was less than six hours a week, but over the time I was involved I had spent between 100 – 200 hours on something that came to nothing.   The project was an effort to open additional markets for my own products, but it evolved into something that ran counter to my ideals and needs, eventually helping towards another persons dream at the expense of my own dream.

Life is a learning curve, and the moral of the story of this little reversal in life, is to follow your dream rather than that of other people’s.  If the thing you are involved in looks to be moving away from your own dream, especially if someone has been dishonest with you from the start, then exit, and return to making your own dream a reality.


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