Does time exist?

Time is a human measure of change in the state of objects in the Cosmos.

It is assumed by the many that time exists: that objects change due to time; that time is a linear dimension of the material universe; that time travel is possible.

In truth the idea of time is a human invention, an illusion.  What we see as time is a change in the state of objects through their internal motions and interactions with other objects in the Cosmos.

Change due to time?
If I place an apple on a table, leaving it for six months, the apple will express signs of decay.  Did time cause this change? No, the apple changed through the motion of microbes devouring the apple.   The motion and the presence of the microbes on the apple is observable under a microscope.

What about hours, days, years?
Perhaps we think time exists because we observe hours, days and years.  Our sense of the day and year is the effect of the motion of the sun and earth.  On Venus or Pluto the day and the solar year will be different to that of Earth. The intervals of time is a human invention, I can easily create a new time measure by converting 24 hour time into 10 blocks, each block of time with 100 smaller units. 

What about clocks?
Once the blocks of time are invented, then artificial devices are created to keep a measure of these blocks called clocks.  If I destroyed all the time measuring devices in the world it makes little difference to the Cosmos, other than make it harder for humanity to organise their lives and activities.


2 responses to “Does time exist?

  1. I asked myself the very same question some years ago (my journal say Oct ’03), then eventually came to the conclusion in May ’05 that ‘Time is a measure of the interval between two events’.
    As a result, this led me to thinking of how long one of these intervals is, and how this knowledge could be used.
    As with other thoughts patterns of mine, I ended up in the same position as the ancient eastern sages found themselves (I’m not saying that I should be thought of as one of those though !) in that they found that the only length of ‘time’ [sic] that mattered is the moment that a person is living within.
    However, a moment (as we all know) has no pre-defined length of ‘time’.
    So, when a person quotes ‘Live for the moment’ the idea behind it is that we should enjoy the moment in which we are living with no thought for past or future events as they either haven’t happened yet, or have already happened and we can do nothing about.

    …might have veered of the track a little here, but it’s my tuppence worth of words!


    • Hi Danny. In some ways the “moment” is eternal since you are always in it, just as you are in the same boat regardless of where you sail it on the oceans.

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