Principle: “entelechy comes from telos and strife”

All objects are actualised according to their design, and of strife with other objects in the Cosmos.

The roots of the oak tree grows towards water, and the leaves of this tree develop towards the light of the sun.  It may be considered that the motion of the roots and the leaves of the oak tree was in accordance with its internal design, the telos of the oak tree. 

If this oak tree is in a forest, then the motion of the roots and leaves will be conflicted when they meet those roots and leaves of other trees, who likewise compete for the same light and water.  Thus strife arises between trees which impacts the resulting growth of any tree.

This principle is an adaption of one by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “strife is justice”.  What Heraclitus appears to mean from my study of the word is that “justice” means “becoming”, and thus things come about  through strife. 

No doubt Heraclitus shared the same outlook as his fellow ancient Greeks that all objects in the Cosmos had ultimate design or purpose, a philosophy known as teleology.  Thus I add to strife that of design for how an object may come into being in the world.

I share with Aristotle the idea that all things have a potential that is realised as an actuality, known as entelechy.  Thus I would say that the actualisation of the potential of any object, its entelechy, is shaped by both its internal design, telos, and by conflict with fellow objects in the Cosmos, strife.


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