Why products and services should be well designed

People value useful products that are beautiful and well designed.

Last year I lost the latest of a number of mobile phones to flood, being dropped or crushed.  These phones were so small it was difficult to use the keys, and complicated with an array of features, but worse, they broke easily.

My latest phone I purchased on the premise it must withstand the trauma of my ownership of it.  It is firstly waterproof, and its rubber body makes it resistant to damage through being dropped.  The features are functional, and the keys are easy to use.  It even has a torch, which has proven its use.  I like this “JCB” mobile phone.

Someone may have a great idea of value to a market, then they go and ruin it by a poor product design.  A badly designed product or service can render any value from it as useless.  The Independent newspaper wrote a satirical review of the British Ideal Home Exhibition today, which hosted in its opinion mostly useless product designs for the home.

If a product or service is identified for a market, then a design that is as user friendly as possible is a must.  In addition, creating a beautiful rather than an ugly thing is important too, since everyone values and loves a thing of beauty.


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