How to gain power over other people

Power is the potential to do a thing.

I have seen numerous internet posts on the internet debating how to gain power over others.  In the design of human beings, especially in the male, there is a need to feel strong, in control and for self display.  The debates on the internet as usual contain much ignorance as to what is power, and how it may be obtained.

Power is good

Since it is in the design of human beings to feel strong, in control and to be seen that way, power is good.

What is power?

Power is the potential to do a thing, just as money is the potential to buy some product or outcome.

The importance of design in power

Spending half a life reaching the point of power over a million people with no design as to what you intend to convert that power into is as pointless as obtaining a £1million with no idea with what to spend it on.  Power is the potential to do a thing, and it only becomes of value when converted into something.  Too often the goal has been power or money for its own sake, and often due to no design, it is wasted with fruitless activity.  Often I read of lottery winners with no design as to what to spend their money on, waste it and quickly return to poverty.

The three methods to power

People can obtain power over others in three ways: value, force or trick.


Something may be offered of value to others, so that whilst that thing of value is available, then people will continue out of their freewill offer their support.  The power vanishes if the thing of value is eliminated or is no longer useful.


This common way involves force by some threat or violent means to make people follow you against their will.  It takes a lot of resources to use force, and people will always be opposing that force, which eventually will implode back onto the one using the force. Power diminishes in direct proportion to the loss of ability to use force on the target.  An example of the loss of power by a diminishing ability to use force is the slow defeat of USA in Afghanistan.


A trick is offered to persuade the people to follow you.  The power is maintained as longs as the people believe the trick, but this method tends to be short lived, as the trick is eventually exposed for what it is, and thus the power rapidly evaporates.


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