Principle: “things come to pass in accordance with Logos”

Nothing can exist without Logos.

This principle is an interpretation of the ideas of Heraclitus and other Greek philosophers.

Logos means “word”, which makes known the hidden potential of thought.  Logos is “common” as Heraclitus says, for it is in all objects, and causes all objects to come into being.

Just as potential is invisible and before action, so Logos makes the invisible known as form, and a design active.  What is hidden is revealed by Logos, and the unspoken thought is spoken as a word.

The oak tree comes about through the design in its DNA, but also is subject to modification through strife from its environment.  The mediator between design in the object and strife, is Logos, who acts as like a navigator of a ship between rocks, who sets the easiest and safest course to his destination. It is through Logos that design and strife join in “becoming” in accordance with a principle of Heraclitus: “strife is justice”.

The intelligent agency in all objects that Aristotle speaks of that converts the potential into an entelechy, is Logos.


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