Technology that reinvents the wheel or limits people are worthless

I am hostile to any technology that limits or is pointless.

The latest technology obsession that is starting to take the population of my town of  Colchester by storm is QR codes.  QR codes are a version of barcode that anyone with a “smart phone” and the software app can scan and bring up information on the internet about it.

In my opinion the masses who rush into new technological gimmicks do so to look cool, and in touch, rather than any need for it.  Evidently books are being replaced by heavy chunky plastic electronic gizmos like Kindle, which is tantamount to reinventing the wheel for lazy people.  I continue to question the mentality of people who open their entire lives to complete strangers and the authorities on places like Facebook.

These QR codes are pasted now to shop windows, even though it is obvious that if someone passing was interested in the shop they could enter it and look around.

In my local newspaper, the jobs section now includes QR codes, which raises the question of limits.  I am ultra hostile to any technology that places barriers or limits to access to knowledge.  Anyone who wishes to know more about jobs with a QR code attached, suffer restriction to that knowledge without a smart phone and the software app.

Knowledge is power, so if corporations can place a barrier of hardware and software between the person and the knowledge then the corporations have a degree of power over knowledge and people.  Another problem of corporations gaining undue influence over knowledge like Amazon or Google is that of censorship, for instance at the request of some governments these corporations will exercise a degree of censorship of knowledge.


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