Is memetics a science?

Memetics falls closer to the realm of metaphysics than science.


Definition of Meme as per Oxford Dictionary:
“an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.”

Memetics is the study and exploitation of memes.


Science is a left brained activity that through experiment and observation may arrive at conclusions using the Scientific Method.  Memetics is observable and testable, and even though some effort has been made to look at it from the point of view of science, memetics still is cast to the fringes as a topic of study.

Memetics is important

Popular culture thinks of viral videos and silly animations when memes and memetics is mentioned.  To the contrary memes are much more than this, every action we do, and every idea we have in our heads is a meme.  We are exposed to memes from politicians, religion and corporate advertising every second of the day.  We carry out every function of our lives according to memes.  Memes are the software of our brains.

Memetics is a holistic discipline

Memes use both sides of the brain, which may explain why left-brained science is luke warm to its study.  Memetics works well with the study and exploitation of the mind known as mentalism, and with “people” science like sociology.  Memetics is useful in computer science, especially in artificial intelligence.  Memetics falls in with philosophy, marketing, media, business, politics, religion, and in those scientific no-go areas of alchemy and magic.

Memetics as a branch of metaphysics

“Meta” means “beyond” thus metaphysics means “beyond nature”, or beyond what is regarded as science.  Memetics goes beyond science for instance into philosophy, but is also capable of being studied scientifically, thus a branch of metaphysics.


2 responses to “Is memetics a science?

    • Hi JT,
      Thanks for the link. It is great to see an effort at placing memetics on a scientific footing.

      It is a shame that the author has chosen to create new names for what is a perfectly acceptable terminology of “meme” and “memeplex”.

      I am interested in AI and how an AI agent can handle information in a creative way, so these links are useful.

      I think the author makes an error of putting too much emphasis on the memes without including the brain, which is the hardware that handles the memes.

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