Poor design : is it a wonder people are stressed today?

If only people put good design at the heart of any activity, life would be easier.

I have lost two blogs on two separate web sites, worth an hour of work, because when I hit enter the browser returned it could not find the web site, and I was unable to retrieve the posts to retry again. I am unable to figure out if this is a laptop, or internet or browser issue, but the end result was stress.

This loss of my work is a design issue of whatever caused it. This sort of thing goes on for everyone all over the planet where a poor design loses them time, money, energy and of course much more. Added up this means massive stress on a global scale, and setting back of personal and human development decades or hundreds of years.

Poor design set me back one hour last week trying to give a friend access to their broadband. I lost a hundred hours to someone who was unable to convey to me the design of a business they had locked in their heads, which was a complicated unworkable monster.

Poor design drives me nuts.


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