What is a monad?

In my personal philosophy of the Liberated Way a monad is a fundamental unit of the Cosmos.

Long before scientists discovered the atom, some Greek philosophers already supported the idea that the Cosmos was made of smaller units, they called atoms. In the Liberated Way I refer to these units as monads. A monad may be an electron, a table, a dog, or even the entire universe. A monad may be a system of many smaller monads, like the human body.

The first monad

Before the so-called Big Bang there was only one unit, that Pythagoras called Monad, and Plotinus called One. I refer to the first monad as One. I support the idea of some cosmologists that One was a black hole, supported by the fact that the Big Bang started from a singularity, that is known so far to only exist in black holes. I further consider we are floating inside of what was a black hole, and that our universe is one of an infinite number of universes. I support the idea of Plotinus that all monads in the Cosmos are evolving over many lifetimes to a level like that of One, which in my interpretation is to become a new universe, thus the next fly you may consider hitting with a newspaper may at some point in the future become a universe, and which whole races will call God.

Multiple monads

All creation myths, as does the Big Bang theory, narrate an idea of one becoming many. Pythagoras considered that the universe was made of numbers, and each number emanated from another number, so monad (one) became dyad (two) and so on. I follow the idea of Plotinus of a universe that was created through emanations of One, a series of less perfect images of One into infinity. I refer to these images as monads.

Self as a monad

In the philosophy of the Liberated Way the most important monad to an individual is self.

Monad as a triangle

Pythagoras considered that his universe of numbers could be seen as shapes, thus three would be a triangle. Plato believed the fundamental unit of the universe was a triangle. The ancient Celts were obsessed with the number three, which appeared to be a number important to their philosophy. The Liberated Way symbolises a monad as a triangle, and attempts to break all things into three parts.


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