The purpose of philosophy is truth

I seek to rise above the delusion and error of humanity.

I am a major fan of Heraclitus, who said humanity should follow the “common” rather than opinion.

The Cosmos works according to its own design, and cares nothing for human opinion about how the Cosmos works.  The earth revolves around the sun, this is “common”; we will all die, this is “common”; everything is in constant change and motion, this is “common”.

Some of humanity held that the sun revolves around the earth; that the earth is flat; or that the earth is only 6,000 years old; this is all opinion, that Heraclitus compares to playthings for children.  Opinion is worthless, only the “common” matters, for the “common” is truth, and opinion is delusion and error.

As I observe so much that my fellow human beings hold as fact, or truth, I see only opinion, rather than “common”.  I through the process of philosophy ask my questions, draw my conclusions, in the hope that I will find the “common”, and rise above the opinion that enslaves humanity to delusion and error.

Is time “common”? No! Is space “common”? No! Is morality “common”? No! And thus my quest continues to find the “common” and to reject the opinion, just as countless numbers of philosophers have done before me.


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