Are “indigo children” freaks or natural products of evolution?

“Indigo children” are an invention of something natural by popular culture.

Amongst the relics of the hippie era is the idea of the “indigo child”.  The idea goes that we have entered the dawn of a new era, called Aquarius, and a bunch of children have been born to save the human race from themselves.  These children evidently have special powers and skills that they use to bring about this great transformation.

Any child that shows an exceptional gift, offers an “amazing” insight, or comes up with an invention or idea that catches the imagination of the media are labeled by some as “indigo children”.  Jumping on the bandwagon are parents with children with aspergers, autism, and invented conditions like ADHD, who would rather paint their children as little godlings than to accept the painful reality they may suffer a less glamorous disability.

These children are often paraded around in the media that borders on the mentality of a freak show, where the rest of humanity are forced to see these children as freakish rather than  just “normal” kids with talent and/or disability.

I, who would probably have been dumped amongst these “indigos”, neither devalue or worship these types of children.  Rather, I offer a suggestion that they should be treated as like any other child, but with certain traits that make them exceptional, rather than to reduce them to praiseworthy freaks.

These “indigos” have always existed, in the same equivalent numbers to the world population.  In Celtic society they would have joined the philosopher class called Druids, and in Greece they would have been amongst the same names as Plato and Aristotle.  Because of their traits these children will trail blaze new ways of thinking in humanity, but they have always existed and are a natural part of humanity.


5 responses to “Are “indigo children” freaks or natural products of evolution?

  1. How nice to hear someone who sees through all this “new children” stuff! I have been posting for the past ten years that these are not new children, but rather people who have that deep kind of spiritual connection (the original meaning of Indigo) such as is found in the indigenous people who still follow the traditional ways.

    • Hello placeoflight,

      I attempt to see things as they really are rather than the delusion that often is spun.

      I suspect given time, people will get a sense of reality on this subject.

      • placeoflight

        it is so interesting to watch the struggle. The simple definition of deep spiritual connections morphed into some DSM definition of behaviors which have little to do with being intuitive, more to do with being a free spirited, independent minded thinker. To grasp it, the academic paradigm must be dropped. That is difficult for those in the western world, but so natural for many other cultures. Myself, I follow the native path with varying degrees of success…

      • Aristotle spoke of the “Golden Mean” which is the best road is the middle way between two extremes. In the West we live in extremes, rather than middle ways.

  2. it is so refreshing to hear these words. I have been posting for years about the fact that there are no “new children.” This has been part of humanity since the beginning and all indigenous people who practice the tradtional ways walk this path.

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