The need for balance between individualism and cooperation

In living with other humans the middle way between individualism and cooperation is important.

Following the herd, known as conformity, is one extreme, being a rebel b***ard is another extreme.

Often I witness in internet forums personalities who take an extreme position on the idea “I am my own god”, and enter into flame war with other people in a “might is right” contest.  These keyboard warriors bring nothing to the table but an overinflated opinion of their own worth and ignorance. These keyboard warriors forget that they live in a group environment, which their extreme position conflicts with.

Humanity once lived a nomadic life, where self could go and do as it pleased. With increase in human population and a limit on resources, it came to a point that conflict became unworkable, so cooperation was favoured.  People decided to work together, split their roles, make laws, selected rulers (on merit), divided the land, and thus brought into being civilisation.

The nomadic mentality is in conflict with civilisation, it often needs to be suppressed.  Gone are the days one can bury an axe in the head of a disagreeable fellow, or run screaming into a forest on presentation of a tax demand.  The keyboard warrior could carry on the nomad mentality, but they would have to forgo civilisation, and most would be unable to handle what that entails.  I smile when I see a keyboard warrior go “nomad” on someone in a group environment like a social forum, since they fail to appreciate in civilisation a new mentality is required, that of cooperation.

When I say cooperation I mean a middle way between conformity and the uncompromising rebel b***ard.  I mean a trade contract where each side brings something of value to the table, and both leave the winner.


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