Follow your own dream, responsibly

A mature response is to follow your own dream, but with responsibility.

Whilst asleep, the theme of several of my dreams last night was people asking me to sacrifice my dreams for a less appealing one of theirs.   In my past I fell into the trap many times sacrificing my dreams to help others.  The fruit of those bad choices was always the same – win for them, major loss to me.

We are asked every day by people of authority or peers to sacrifice our hopes and dreams for an inferior one that benefits only them and other people.  Sometimes this request is backed by force, and often by trick.

Many people live in a childlike state of need to conform to please others, thus most never achieve their dreams, they reach old age from a life of sacrifice with regret as the reality dawns on them that it was for nothing.

Maturity, and there is never a time too soon for that, is to realise that forging ahead against the tide to follow your own hopes and dreams is the best empowering choice.  If you followed your dreams, then in old age you will reap the benefits from that choice with no regret.

Another mature attitude is to know that in pursuit of dreams that there is responsibility.  If children have been brought into the world, then a contract of responsibility exists to look after them until adulthood, thus abandoning children to pursue dreams is irresponsible.  If others or the planet comes to unnecessary harm in pursuit of dreams, that may be considered irresponsible too.



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