“God” as a black hole

I consider this universe began from a black hole.

I seek the “common” in the Cosmos, rather than human opinion.  If I think of a thing, it has essence, but to have existence to me in the material world it must be in some manner observable to me.  If there existed an all-powerful entity with any interest in me as the Christan claims, then it is capable enough to take form and discuss philosophy with me over coffee in my local coffee shop, whilst still playing “God” over the Cosmos.  I however observe that the Cosmos has design and direction, so I know there is a “something”.  I sit on the fence as an agnostic.

Plotinus has been helpful by his concept of “One”, which is mindless, and with no parts.  The “One” is said to be all perfect, but apparently not so perfect that splits happened, resulting in the universe.

In searching for “One” the nearest I come up with in the material world are black holes.  Black holes are the result of collapsed stars, who eat matter.  Black holes have no parts, they exist in a singularity, with what they devour becoming part of that singularity.  Just as Plotinus describes “One”, the black hole is simple due to singularity, but has the potential of complexity that this trapped matter can produce.

The black hole reaches a certain state equivalent of indigestion, and inflates like a balloon, as matter escapes in all directions inside it in the so-called Big Bang.  I consider we came from this black hole, that we are inside this black hole, that we are looking out at the insides of this “mother” of all things.  The effect of the black hole is similar in my mind to the emanations of “One” of Plotinus.


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