Keep control of your dream

Making a dream happen is one challenge, keeping control of it is another.

Most people know about Steve Jobs, who founded Apple.  Jobs gave too much control of the Apple brand to money men, and before long he had lost control, and dismissed from the business he founded.  Later, Jobs recovered control of Apple to drive it to the next level of success, where it is now.

In the news is a battle between a founder and the brand bearing her name called Karren Millen.

A few years ago I founded a sports club dedicated to a certain sport, I then allowed others to dictate a different vision than I had for that club, and it went down a totally different path to one I had in mind.

Getting a dream off the ground is one challenge, but once a success story emerges everyone wants a slice of the action, and the danger is that some of those jumping on the bandwagon can hijack and take control of that dream.

The hijack of dreams is easily done.  The talented singer can sign a deal, and then be forced into activities they never wanted.  Or the inventor of a product can sell the rights, and find it used in ways they disliked.  Or the founder of a company like Steve Jobs, being separated from the thing he lovingly built from scratch.

The answer is to retain control of your dream at all costs, otherwise from dream can emerge a nightmare.


2 responses to “Keep control of your dream

  1. Surely that’s not always bad.
    Afterall, isn’t it possible that a group of people coming along later could envisage a greater future for the club/organisation than that which the founding member did?

    • A club or organisation is for the benefit of its members, and so you are right in one way that its down to its members to decide where it goes. Though as far as personal dreams are concerned, I founded that club for a particular purpose, and it eventually went into a completely new direction.

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