The Celts and their relationship to Neanderthals

Quest to find origins of the Celts lead to surprising links.

It all started over an argument if the Druids built Stonehenge.  I considered the Druids did build Stonehenge, which I then went out to prove.

Use of memetics

All human ideas and actions can be reduced down to memes, defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:

“an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.”

An  organised group of memes is a memeplex.  Druidism is a memeplex.

I had to back date the Druidism memeplex several thousand years back from when Julius Caesar was writing about them in around  55 BCE.  I had to account for possible external influences that could account for Druidism appearing in Britain.  Druidism is a memeplex connected to Celtic peoples, thus I needed to work out the boundaries of maximum influence of the Celts on the world map.


The Celts are a diverse people, but I needed to find a common denominator that made them Celtic.  With the common denominator I could work out boundaries, and then examine within those boundaries all the memes to build a case for the link of Druidism with Stonehenge.  I examined the DNA, and bingo the Celts are marked out with the Haplogroup R1B Y-DNA.

Distribution of haplogroup R1b Y-DNA

R1B neatly follows the geographical zone of influence of the Celts.  The Celts are R1B.  The R1B goes back thousands of years.  The highest distributions of R1B are in areas of the highest distribution of henge monuments like Stonehenge.  R1B are indigenous to Britain and Western Europe, if this was not so then the distribution would show this, and a clear route of migration from another point on the map would be seen.

In the zones of R1B I then began to list and examine all the Celtic memes, which built up a picture that the Druids were linked to Stonehenge along many points, with no evidence of external influence.

Where did R1B come from?

When a stone is thrown into a pool of water, the strongest point of influence is the point at which it hit the water, and then the influence weakens as the ripples move outwards.  At 80% + distribution R1B is strongest in Spain and the British Isles.  Of interest is the shortest point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean in Spain, which shows a spike to 80% + of R1B compared to the surrounding areas of Spain, which is the Basque country and the Pyrenees.

From the Basque country of Spain the R1B ripples outwards becoming weaker in distribution the further it goes.  I dismiss the British Isles as the centre of gravity from which R1B emerged for the following reasons:

  1. Much of the British Isles was under Ice during the Ice Age, and the Basque country would have offered a more hospitable climate.
  2. Irish legend notes that the Irish people came from Spain.
  3. The British Isles are out of the way for roving invaders, the Romans never bothered to invade Ireland, thus genetically they were less corrupted leading to high R1B readings.

The Basques

The Basques have been considered a “living fossil” based on an examination of their language, an example of the earliest modern human who colonised Europe at the last Ice Age.  The Basques have other unusual quirks that they have little B blood type or AB blood type, amongst them.

It is in the Basque country that the Neanderthals are strongly focused, the last location they died out in.


I am surprised that academics have yet to make connections of how significant the Basques are, for all their studies indicate they are only seeing their own little piece of ground, rather than climbing the mountain to see everything.

I have made the possible connection that R1B is the result of R1 migration of modern humans moving from India and Asia via Eastern Europe and into the Basque country, where they mixed with Neanderthals.  The new hybrid then migrated outwards using the sea, moving to Chad in Africa, northwards with the loss of ice, and eastward along the northern Mediterranean edge into the Black Sea area.


19 responses to “The Celts and their relationship to Neanderthals

  1. Forgive me, I’m playing Devil’s advocate here…
    How much effort was made to eliminate your obvious personal attachment to the Celtic way of life, from the research findings? I mean, might you have researched all things that seemed relevant as a result of your own perceptions?
    Might the results be skewed by your own beliefs and loves?

    Sorry! But needs to be asked.


    • Hi Danny, yes, the possibility of bias can be an issue. Questions like the issues raised in this blog are a puzzle to me, which I then begin to research. If the facts line up to undermine a theory, I will look for alternatives, or abandon the theory completely.

      I feel I am on safe ground on the link between Stonehenge and the Druids. The origins of R1B is a puzzle to me which is a work in progress. It seemed to me from the distributions that the Basque area is where the new R1B emerged from R1A. I note that R1B is closely tied to megalithic culture, and my observations that where R1B is found megalthic structures are built seems sound.

      The Neanderthal connection is vague, however, the “last stand” of the Neanderthals is in the areas of Spain, Gibraltar and France before they vanish. I was looking at a hybrid of Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, and there are a few interesting leads in relation to findings that the Basque have some Cro-Magnon DNA amongst them. Their mythology, especially of the “Jentilak”, is interesting too.

      • Sounds good at least!
        It’s far outside of my circle of knowledge, but when researching something, I tend to take the approach of trying to find the answer from numerous different directions. This way I might end up with subtly different results, but in my experience, they circle the true answer, hence giving a great deal of confidence as to the likely true answer.

        It’s good to have a passion. Keep on educating us!



  2. Michael J. Melville

    Many years ago a professor mentioned a linguistic connection between the Basque language and Japanese. He claimed it was the only such quirk he had encountered. Don’t know how it relates to your research, but I came to mind in reading your blog. Thanks for stretching an old man’s mind. it is good for me to see new DNA applications.

    • Thanks for the idea. I am learning Basque so I can better see how it may relate to other languages. To be honest all the experts have attempted to link Basque to many languages and have failed, indicating it is an isolated unique language.

  3. Amazing to delve into the history in this way! Let me peek through the keyhole into a world that was unknown to me heretofore!
    Thank you!

  4. This is an absolutely fascinating post… I find the study of history with the new technqigues we have like DNA resting is so interesting…like the finding of two people living near the Cheddar Gorge in England who had DNA from – was it- neanderthal bones- discovered there( sorry Altz, I read about it back in 1998..)… and along the same lines, my history lecturer in London in 1956 , Mr Quant, the father of fashion designer Mary Quant, told me their name comes from the Quantock Hills where his family had lived forever…sorry if this is off-point….

    • Hi Valerie, the development of DNA techniques has opened a fascinating new dimension in the study of our ancestors. I know of the story of the teacher and two of his students being connected to an ancient ancestor that lived in Cheddar Gorge. The ancestor was not a Neanderthal but was still an amazing discovery, showing that despite all the changes in history people can retain a link to their local area over thousands of years. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Yannaki Alexander

    ———->>>>>FIRST AND FOREMOST, …. The centroid for the genotype propagation seems to be originating more to the west of both Basque & Ireland… IN THE BIG POND

    THE ATLANTIC OCEAN….. The flooded city of Atlantis on the content of Appalachia,


    ——–>>>>SECOND POINT… The “Celtic language” is proven to be connected with the Japanese language & WITH ANCIENT EGYPTIAN (EGYPT HAS A SECOND TEXT BASED LANGUAGE …)))


    • @ Yannaki: Thanks for your comment.
      Re: first point – The world we see today was different to that of our ancestors, for instance since the last ice age the sea levels are 200m+ higher, which drowned a lot of lands, including a vast area of what is now the North Sea.

      Re: second point – can you provide links to scientific journals that support your statement of a link between Celtic and Japanese and Egyptian languages?

  6. Yannaki Alexander

    >>>>>><<<<<>>>>><<<<<>>>>>>>> <<<>>>><<<<<<>>>>BUT… No historian would dare say anything to the media….. U Loose JOB & Funding

    Lennon Said ; “We shall win this propaganda war using memes and slogans”<<<<<

    • @ Yannaki
      Anyone can make claims, but they must be able to rationally put forward statements supported by evidence and logic. Few historians who get funding will risk their reputations by making unsupported claims.

  7. Yannaki Alexander


    #2) YOU TALK ABOUT MEMES, Yet you seem to believe the censorship of pre-10,000bc history, which is why they invented the propaganda about “Great Ice Ages”

  8. who has more intelligence , modern homosapians or Neanderthal ?

    • I personally believe the Neanderthals were originally ahead of Homo Sapiens, but eventually Homo Sapiens copied and overtook them. There might be a lingering memory of the competition between the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens in certain legendary stories of the Jentil amongst the Basque.

  9. Michael angelo hernandez

    Wow your so right on…and u know it..I’m Michael angelo hernandez the great great great great great grandson of one of the Spanish solider who was hired to sail into the Caribbean Sea and who dropped off slaves which were picked up in the canary island ..and who protected the first fort in St.Augustine ,in la Florida back in the mid 1500 who come from the town of Cadiz, Spain. I now live in a very Irish American niebrohood in Chicago born and raised there…it’s how my father wanted it who came from Arkansas,west of the Mississippi..well enough of that story…what I’m trying ta get at is that I love your research..I study many haplo groups and there clads and what concluded is that we are all connected some how and that neanderthal is why we are still here the altimate survivor of all lands….and the basque are an enigma truly……which we knew where there truly got there language? ? Oh BTW got the name from the greatest granddaddy from Spain for when the Ramons occupied Spain at the time there were many celtic tribes….which know……

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for your comment. Wow, you have an interesting backstory on your family line. Yes, the Basque are an enigma, a perople and culture that I continue to research.

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