Modern society creates rootless parasitic human beings

When meaning is stripped from things, people become rootless parasites.

I vote in local elections, because my town of Colchester has meaning to me; and for the representative of Colchester, because he expresses the meaning I value: “let him who is chief be a bridge to his people”. I have no interest in national politics, the political system, or political parties, because they are meaningless.

Often we are asked to support a politician, priest or corporate, to make some personal sacrifice, for a meaningless objective, that benefits them rather than us.  Modern society reduces everything down to price, instant gratification and narcissism.   Meaning is constantly stripped away from everything.

America is considered the pinnacle of a capitalist society: everything has price, needs are instantly gratified, and narcissism is an art form.  In the American psychic meaning is still remembered, when found they go nuts, and destroy it in a stampede of capitalism.

Perhaps some American kid comes along who out of compassion for an animal saved its life, because he had connection to nature and the life of the animal had meaning to him. Then the media gets hold of the story. Before long he is on the television chat circuit.  He is selling ice cream with his image and the saved animal upon the packaging.  Then paraded as a fashion accessory with a celebrity. A process that slowly strips meaning from the action and the person, reducing it to a commodity, a price. Then people wonder why years later he is in the gutter dead from a drug overdose.

I am researching the Basques at the moment, I am impressed with their passionate hold on their language, family, home and culture.  Their roots give Basques meaning in their lives.


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