Why civilisation results in parasitic people

There is a downside to civilisation which causes the rise of parasitic types.

It seems like I am reading a futuristic horror story when I read about rulers planning to use chemical, sound and energy weapons against its own people.  This story is however real, it is Britain, who whilst condemning Syria, or invading Libya over human rights abuses, are stockpiling futuristic weaponry for a war against its own people.

It seems odd that a state and its rulers, that should exist for the benefit of those people, is afraid of its own people, and has gone to war against them.  In 2011 Britain suffered extensive riots, started when the police unjustly killed an unarmed citizen, a disenfranchised but parasitic people fighting against an equally parasitic out of touch rulers.

Parasites are those that prey on others for their own benefit.  Civilisation is a result of a need to gain benefit from working together in a world of diminishing resources.  The alternative is everyone fights, which inevitably means everyone loses.  Civilisation only works if people cooperate, and this means every party must feel the winner.  Always it seems civilisation runs into the same old problem of the few benefiting from the many, but using trick or force to maintain their power, where the many lose and the few win. What has gone wrong?


Civilisation can satisfy every need, for a price, reducing everyone to the state of dependent children.  People can watch sport all day long without leaving the house, since everything can be ordered online to be delivered at the door.  Instant gratification and ease to get anything means a personality emerges incapable of looking after its own needs, dependent upon everyone else to satisfy those needs.  Consumerism is about having people always in a state of need, but always creates “haves” and “nots”, which then leads people to try and obtain it by trick or force.  Even the ruler depends on others for their power, again maintained by trick and force.


By this I mean lack of practical wisdom. Once upon a time people knew how to grow their own food, hunt, and cook.  Modern civilisation means these skills became redundant.  Practical wisdom is about doing, learning from raw experience, a knowledge that is passed down the family and tribe as “knowledge”.  The replacement of the skill of fire making with microwave ovens, and of cooking by instant made meals means the motivation and opportunity no longer arises to learn those skills.

Civilisation requires that both carers are pulled away from their children, so that children are unable to learn the parenting skills from being cared for by them.  Repeated a few generations then a generation of parents emerges with little idea (or opportunity) to care for their own children, leading to feral children and the State attempting to take the role of parent. Horror stories emerge of five year olds going to school who have not learnt their own names, and still to be “potty trained”.

Texting, computers and internet, at least on children, results in loss of social skills, that causes repeated social conflicts because people have no wisdom how to live with each other.

Modern education kills off creativity, but encourages thinking by rote, thus the young hit the workplace unable to think for themselves or creatively.


People take actions that are cruel because of a type of separation.  I saw a child stamp on an ants nest, a cruel mindless action, but understandable for they reduced the ants to abstract playthings, rather than concrete living organisms.  Abstract thinking puts separation between self and the objects around it, which leads to cruelty.

Old people are separated from their families in modern civilisation, shunted off to nursing homes, cared for by low paid unsympathetic strangers.  If old people cause a problem due to their indignity, drugs reduce them to pliable zombies.  The elderly have been abstracted as things to be dealt with in intellectual ways, they ceased to be human beings.

The USA has 1% of its population in prison.  One million human beings are reduced to things, treated worse than animals.  At some point those “things” emerge into society as “things” resulting in further problems.

In Britain people throw litter on the ground.  Now patrols haunt the streets looking for people to fine for dropping litter.  The purpose of encouraging people to be responsible has been abstracted to revenue making targets, thus even if a citizen drops a breadcrumb they can be fined.  The meaning of why fines are in place has been abstracted to money making.


5 responses to “Why civilisation results in parasitic people

  1. I like this Alex. Make you think doesn’t it? Are we turning or have we already turned into mindless pawns unable to cater for ourselves outside of our societies? We are all pieces in a giant jigsaw puzzle and we rely on the other pieces to support us. However if we fall out of line, don’t follow the rules, we become helpless. We are born into a society and we have to fit in until we can actively make changes. The next generation will do the same and so on. We become further detached from the original concept of self-sufficiency with each generation and also to some extent separated from nature too. To be honest though what benefit is there in having 60 million people being self-sufficient? We need some people to be doctors, engineers, politicians etc. We have become victims of our own success.

    Shirley Anne

    • Thanks for your reply. Having a civilisation that can provide for all our needs to the extent we abandon the skills of the self-sufficient works if that civilisation is secure. Increasingly as I monitor the news the impression I get is a civilisation that is less secure each day. Last week we had a fuel panic in Britain where everyone rushed to fill up their cars and gasoline cans due to a threatened strike, this resulted in chaos. It takes little to set off panic and chaos, which results in the infrastructure we take for granted collapsing under pressure.

  2. [ Smiles ] Great article, Alex.

    Now, all I need to do is to find innovative methods of keeping those parasitic people away.

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