Why modern life seems unnecessarily complicated

Part of the stress of the modern world is the unnecessary complexity.

In order to obtain a simple sticker to tell the post man to cease putting advertising through my door I visited my local council offices in Colchester.  I found no stickers, but was given a leaflet to ring a number, so they can post the sticker to me.  For a small thing I have to go to so much trouble to obtain it.

I was in the bank today, where their customer was using a cash machine.  The machine malfunctioned and swallowed their banking card.  This customer was left unable to access their money, the banking staff was trying to work out how to get money to her, but had no ability to access the machine to retrieve the banking card of their customer.

In the street I was cornered by a charity salesman.  The problem with these type of salesmen is that over half of the donations made through them to the charity is pocketed by the salesmen, though neither the charity or their sales people tell the public this.  I refused to give the salesperson my time, nor my money.

I needed to today obtain a license to run a certain business operation.  The British government department that used to issue the licenses has been merged into another department to save money.  The problem is the old department no longer exists, and none in the new merged department seem to know anything about the licenses they are supposed to be now dealing with.

If civilisation was meant to make life easy, someone went wrong somewhere.


4 responses to “Why modern life seems unnecessarily complicated

  1. Parkinson’s law goes a long way toward an explanation:
    ‘Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion’ – which makes me laugh – working in the public sector.

    Rampant compartmentalization brought in along with the Data Protection Act is another explanation: http://goo.gl/Pqf57

    • I am of the opinion that self interest of money and power encourages certain people to create endless regulation and redtape; if the “system” was simplified a lot of people would lose their jobs and power. For instance, because I am prevented by a maze to get the business license I need a certain monopoly keeps me from reducing its profits through healthy competition.

  2. Don’t know how common it is in English but we refer to these type of situations as ‘Kafka’.

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