Do you enjoy historical puzzles?

My interest in ancient history is because I enjoy puzzles.

Some people like jigsaw puzzles, I like the puzzles that arise from history, myth and philosophy.

Finding a challenge, then following the puzzles that arise through like a modern Sherlock Holmes is fun.  The puzzle can be anything: history, archaeology, myth, philosophy or science; but the fun is in the chase to find answers nobody else has found before.  Mysteries are like a bone is to a dog to me, they encourage the use of different parts of my brain.

Today, I have been looking at “King” Arthur and other”kings” of ancient Britain, which has thrown up surprising links that nobody has ever considered.  If I had the time, I am sure I would have been writing lots of books on the puzzles that I explore from history.



4 responses to “Do you enjoy historical puzzles?

  1. Ah, a soul after my own heart, love those ancient puzzles!

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