Use the available time in your life well

You have a finite life, so use that time well.

A man asks you to give him ten hours of your life today to sell you cheap shampoo.  There is nothing in this for you other than to listen to a boring sales pitch for ten hours on a brand of shampoo, and you will still have to buy it.  Would you give that salesman your time?

Most would say no, but most do.  A few years pass, and the advertisements have stolen ten hours of your time to sell you shampoo.  It may seem only a two minute commercial break, but you gave it your time, and it adds up over time.

In these ways over decades the useless and the unwanted steal your time, a resource that could have been used in better ways to improve the quality of your life.

As a historian I look back over hundreds of generations.  Babies seem to flow into ancient bones rapidly.  Life flows fast.  You blink, you are old; blink again, you are bones.

Guard who and what you give the time in your life to, it is finite and best used for those things that matter.


One response to “Use the available time in your life well

  1. Man is time, according to Heidegger.

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