Change your life by changing your inner or outer reality

Change either the inner or the outer reality, and both change to reflect the other.

The debates have raged since the dawn of philosophy on the subject of what is real: is it inner or outer reality?  A fellow blogger made the observation that the external appears to reflect the internal, the mirror effect they call it. How you feel, react and what catches your interest in the external world is a reflection of something within.

I am always uncomfortable in the presence of mirrors, this informs me I am uncomfortable with myself, that there is something I dislike about myself.  I am envious of people who can draw, it reflects something I would like to do, but have no skill for.  I love the wild animals in the woods, it reflects my desire to play and for liberty.

It appears to me you can map out your whole inner self and dreams by observing and recording how you react to things in the external world.  Take this a step further, can you change your life by altering aspects of either the internal or external reality?

The skill of mentalists is the ability to convince their clients of a different reality, which causes them to feel and act differently.  Lets take a simple issue: stress.  Change the external reality by visiting a wood or forest away from civilisation with all electronic gadgets switched off,  will the body feel less stressed? Change the internal reality by imagining a visit in the wood, will the body feel less stressed?

I was afraid of heights, even a flight of stairs scared me, so I imagined a big hand protecting me, and my fear left me.

Do you feel confused? Is the confusion reflected in the clutter of the home? Attack the clutter, organise and eliminate the junk. Will your inner state feel less confused by a less confused home?


4 responses to “Change your life by changing your inner or outer reality

  1. Nice!!!! and thank you so much for linking. Its the first time anyone has linked to my blog!!!! Love you!!!

  2. thanks Alex. I good blog. There are still some things I am afraid of but taking on the banks is NOT one of them !!!

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