Being a bridge to others

I like to be a bridge to others by building and illuminating bridges of practical wisdom and knowledge to their dreams.

I am a bridge builder. I attempt to build and illuminate bridges so that others can cross to reach their dreams.  What I mean by bridges is by creating the means by which someone can access self knowledge (illumination) and practical wisdom (revelation) which offers the potential for them to achieve their dreams.  By dreams I mean the realisation of the unique potential that exists in every human being.

The dream of each human being is different, so I try to assist by revealing the dream, which I consider is self knowledge, a process I call illumination.  Then I will provide the practical wisdom, the actions by which the person can reach their dreams, this I call revelation.

The bridge that stands illuminated before the individual is all I can provide, the last stage is the action of crossing that bridge.  The choice and action to cross the bridge is down to the individual; I neither will force, trick or carry that person across the bridge.

What lies across the other side of the bridge, neither I nor the individual knows – the undiscovered country.  The other side of the bridge is yet to be, and it is shrouded by fog, that will only be revealed when the individual crosses the bridge.  The crossing of the bridge is the greatest adventure, which is like achieving a version of the holy grail quest.  The last stage I call the revolution, for that is how it feels like when the individual crosses the bridge.

I will finish this blog with a favoured quote from an ancient Celtic archetype called Bran:

“Let him who be chief be a bridge to his people.”


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