Beware of snakes and evil genies

Snakes bite if provoked.

A few miles from Colchester is Mersea Island, a stronghold of the increasingly endangered only poisonous snake in Britain called the Adder.  I sometimes run through the trails of Mersea Island, and it is a matter of staying alert in case I tread on one of these snakes.  Each year a few people get rushed to hospital from Mersea Island as the Adder dislikes being trodden on.  If I encounter such a snake, I back off and take an alternative route.  The Adder bites as last resort, they only attack if provoked.

I visit dozens of blogs on WordPress each day, for I like to read what others are saying, especially in the matter of philosophy.  If I can make sense of what is written I will often leave a comment.  Occasionally, but rarely, I encounter a blog of what is best described as a “psycho blog”.  One blog today was by a personality who enjoys inflicting unwanted pain on others in order to help them develop.  That blog, like my Adder encounters, is one where I back off and leave without comment.

This is the case in life, to tread carefully with who you associate with, as there are many evil genies out there, who can be a pain in the bum if you rub their lamps.


10 responses to “Beware of snakes and evil genies

  1. That’s very creepy. The monks and nuns of all sorts of different sects throughout time, used to inflict pain on themselves in order to help them develop. You only grow when you learn things through your own pain. Inflicting pain on others creates feelings of guilt and selfloathing, which in turn will make you inflict more pain on others.

    • I agree, it was a strange and “creepy” blog I came across. The Catholic organisation Opus Dei is a good example of a sect you speak of.

      • There have been many ways in which people have inflicted self punishment to attain enlightenment throughout history. From the fasting of Shaman to lying on a bed of nails, or walking on live coals. Hair shirts and self flagellation is only a small part in the history of such practices.

      • True. With regards to shamans I can understand for they are looking to enter a certain state of being.

  2. Very interesting, good strategy, i tend to do the same, (pats on the back all around!) hehe

  3. Life is a succession of choices!

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