Why religious salespeople fail to sell “God” to me

Unless the product can be produced it is no point doing business with salespeople

I had an interesting debate with an atheist this morning who was trying to prove that “God” does not exist.  The question of if “God” exists has been a heated battleground since the day Christians stopped burning skeptics at the stake, an unending argument which neither side can win conclusively.  Since “God” can neither be proven or disproved I sit on the fence as an agnostic.

My take on this argument is based upon three observations.

I like a personal relationship

Religious salespeople sell “God”, and I only have their word that “God” exists.  However, if I do business with anyone I like to know who I am doing business with, so I would like to meet them, not just their salespeople.  For whatever reason it is hard to pick up a telephone to talk to or meet “God” over a coffee.  If I cannot strike up a personal relationship with someone I do no business with them, same goes for “God”. I dislike salespeople of all types, I like to deal with decision makers.

I got to be able to see “God” to have a relationship with “God”

Salespeople are good at selling a picture of what they are trying to sell, but often it is a distorted picture to make the sale.  I would like to see the product for myself to judge if it is as sold.  “God” is the product being sold, the problem is I cannot see this product, nor does it seem to be able to speak for itself.  What I get is a salesperson making lots of claims about the product, but they cannot produce it for me to see.  Only an idiot buys from a salesperson without seeing the product first.

The product has to be useful

The salesperson claims that “God” is all powerful, and is interested in me.  Great! Now lets see this fellow! Problem, the salesperson cannot produce the goods to show me.  Since “God” is all powerful he can materialise in front of me and I can take him for a coffee to establish a business relationship.  I will also buy “God” the coffee.  What I get instead is further claims from the salesperson that “God” requires that I buy in to their product, and if I do not buy into their product, then various nasty things will happen to me. I move rapidly into Mafia territory, and since “God” appears to be having trouble materialising, then even the sinister threats of the salespeople lack that punch, in the manner a revealed loaded pistol does.  If indeed “God” is interested in me, it should be no trouble then to meet me in person.

In conclusion

All I have is a bunch of salespeople making claims about a product that they are unable to show me, a “God” that apparently won’t or is unable to manifest itself in person to me to talk business over coffee.  If a product is unavailable to see, I am unable to assess if it is useful, it becomes worthless sales spin, and I won’t do business with the salespeople.


6 responses to “Why religious salespeople fail to sell “God” to me

  1. A very interesting read, I really like how you see it from a purely human perspective. A lot of religious people always seem to use the argument that god is all powerful and beyond of minds, so that we are unable to see him but buy in to all the wonderful things he has created… How do you feel about this?

    • I am unimpressed with such responses by religious people. I am approached by religious salespeople who claim many things, when I raise a question they then use the argument “god is all powerful and beyond of minds”. The inference by religious people is that if it is beyond my mind to grasp, then it must be beyond their mind to grasp, and thus conclusions can be drawn that their claims are dishonest, since how can they know those things they are selling to me which is beyond human minds to grasp? This sort of conclusion was what I encountered when I raised questions at a recent Islamic conference in Colchester.

  2. Let us leave aside your comments on God for a moment. I have taken a look at what you have written about the influences that helped develop your philosophy. Did you ever consider Ann Rand’s philosophy of “Objectivism”? What other philosophies or beliefs influenced you?

    • Hi Samuel: my influences are the Greek philosophers: Heraclitus, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus. The philosophy of the Celts. Sun Tzu. I am studying Aquinas at the moment. Ann Rand I have not considered, but a quick review of Wikipedia about her does not enthuse me about her philosophy.

  3. Alex,
    Go deeper than Wikipedia and you just might change your mind. Aristotle is my favorite Greek. Aquinas is brilliant! I recommend that you follow up with Augustine. I, too, am a big ancient history fan. If you run across a new read in history that you think is outstanding, let me know. Happy blogging!

    • Samuel, thanks for your comments and recommendations. Though I have my favoured philosophers and philosophies, I read widely and so I will take a look at those you recommend.

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