Expect the unexpected

Life can throw up unexpected surprises.

Occasionally I put out business flyers in Colchester, which means I face the perils of dogs, but most recently it was a psychotic cat.  Normally I expect cats to do two things when I come to the door, they run away (usually) or they run up looking for attention. Psychotic cats is the last thing I would expect.

It is freaky passing the window with a demented cat looking at you, trying to find a way out to get at you.  Psycho kitty had a murderous crazed look in its eyes, and it was with some relief it could not get at me.  This will be the second psycho kitty incident I have had, the last one at a different location I was unlucky, I ended up pulling bits of claw out of my hand.

The chances of being attacked by a domestic cat is so small that its zeroed out as fiction, but when it happens it can be a shock.  This is the same with life, the shocks are the result of events we never took into account. During the times I delivered my business flyers I have encountered some weird stuff, none that I could have anticipated or planned for.

Life is an adventure, whilst we roughly know what road we will travel, we have limited control on what we will encounter on that road.  The message of this blog? Treat each day as an adventure; expect anything; and have fun.


5 responses to “Expect the unexpected

  1. Did you look into its eyes? If so, you were challenging the cat. You should avert eyes and put your finger up (raised tail) to send a friendly signal. Never look into the eyes.

    • I looked into the eyes. If there was no barrier between psycho kitty and me it would have attacked without warning, there would have been no time to do anything. I will experiment for the hell of it with normal cats if I encounter them just to see if this works.

      In encounters with hostile dogs, you need to look at the eyes, to tell the dog you are aware of them, otherwise they will attack. Dogs take their lead from watching your eyes.

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