Will the human race become the living dead?

Every culture and age has its storytellers, the stories reflecting the human experience and fears of the time. 

In the modern age you may notice an obsession with zombies, people dress up as zombies, and there are numerous movies around them.  The Night of the Living Dead films have been popular, with zombies taking over the world, with an appetite for brains.  Do you notice the correlation between the zombie obsession and modern-day civilisation? A modern world that eats human brains and reduces them to a state like a zombie?

Another popular trend of storytelling is vampires, or their ghoul equivalent, creatures that suck the life out of you.  Does modern-day society suck all meaning and life out of everything like a vampire?

The Terminator and Matrix movies shows a world where mankind is pitted in a fight for survival, a victim and slave of machines.  Do humans feel the master of our technology, or has the technology become the master of us? In the Matrix, human beings have become part of the machines, reduced to a role of a car battery to power the machines.  In recent years the British show Doctor Who has explored many themes along the lines of humans being reduced to things, machines, such as the notorious Cybermen who capture humans to turn them into metal machines with no emotion.

Many of the futuristic films depict a dark devastated world, ruined by war and pollution.  A dark sinister wasteland where humans live on the edge.  How close are we moving to this reality?

The fears expressed in the movies of a human race reduced to the living dead, enslaved to machines in a dead ruined world is a developing reality.

Superhero stories have exploded onto the movie screen and television.  Could these superheros be a cry amongst the people for a hero to save them from themselves? Throughout history people expect a messiah, a hero, to save them, the need is acute today.  There will be no hero to save us, only the one reflected back at you in the mirror.  We are the agents who can change the world, for us and future generations, to prevent the future we depict in our modern stories.

There is no need for us to be Superman, to save everyone, just an action to change our own attitudes and activity.  Small changes in our own lives ripple out to change the world, sets an example to others, and creates a happier world for children a hundred years from now.


2 responses to “Will the human race become the living dead?

  1. The social unconsciousness is preparing through simulation and acting and performance for a possible breakdown of structure in society. The increased likelyhood of a sociatal collapse corresponds to the increased exposure in popular culture.

    • What plays out in the storytelling in culture is a reflection of what exists in the subconscious minds of the collective group at any one time; this is one of the methods those that are tuned into such things can pick up to reveal the underlying trends of a people. This is like how an expert beekeeper can tell if a hive is happy or distressed, by the collective hum in the hive. The collective hum of human beings in modern society indicates distress going off the Richter scale.

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