The triumph of creativity and play

Which is greater, the general on the bloody field of battle, or a child at creative play?

If you ever visit London, you will see in many squares the bronze statues of generals, erected in honour of victories in the battlefield of the former British Empire.  With the imperialistic hand held high, the general on his charger conveyed the imperial majesty of skill and valor on the battlefield.

Early in 2012 a new bronze statue was unveiled on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London.  This statue was a small boy riding a rocking horse, in gentle mockery of the austere generals around him.

Rocking Horse Boy

Many children have played being general on rocking horses over the generations, their triumph is that of creativity and play.

Where death and destruction is the harvest reaped of the generals, the imagination and play reaps great works of art and technological progress.

For the child who can retain their sense of creativity and play against the forces of abstraction, that strip meaning and humanity from everything, this is a great triumph.


7 responses to “The triumph of creativity and play

  1. What if ‘greater’ is a false dichotomy? What if all dichotomies , etc. are false? They are certainly dependant upon a particular perspective for their meaning (if they have any).

    • Dichotomy: to destroy or to create? The self at the centre of the equation has a choice of considering the view of an action that can destroy (general on the battlefield) or can create (the childlike attitude through play and creativity that leads to discovery of new technologies and the creation of art).

  2. I agree. Creativity is far more powerful and beneficial than war and violence.

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