The amazing experience of coincidence

Life is full of surprises, the experience of coincidence is one of them.

I founded my first private limited company yesterday, during what will be a busy time.  With the price of postage going up in Britain one project I am looking at is to take on Royal Mail as a rival business.  Logos are being looked at for the brand, one which includes a foot in its design.  I placed a commission out to an artist in a certain village outside of Colchester for a logo for another business brand.

Yesterday threw up a surprise coincidence.  Considering all the above, I replaced my existing wet shoes with an old pair of shoes, and discovered in one of them stamps, an example of the work of a certain artist who will produce the stamps for me for the proposed postal delivery service.  “Foot” is a a favoured symbol for the postal delivery brand.  The artist lives in the same village as the one I commissioned the logo from.

Out of the blue the “stamp artist” rang me telling me about a postal delivery service in Cornwall, a person who on a penny farthing bike delivers mail at 25 pence a letter.

These sort of coincidences happen to me all the time, called synchronicity, and they never cease to shock and surprise me.


3 responses to “The amazing experience of coincidence

  1. Good luck and much success with your new enterprise.

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