Enjoy the free entertainment by nature

If nature provides a show, take up the offer and buy a free seat to watch.

The drought in Britain ended two weeks ago with rain. It rained every day, in fact the weather threw in one months of rain, twice in one day.  Needless to say new records were broken by the British weather.

It was a fine warm day today, signalling perhaps the end of winter? It is night as I write this, and it rained again.  In fact it hammered it down, and the storm gave a free fireworks display.  The road outside used to be the site of an ancient river, and this evening it became a river again.

If the weather throws up a storm for your amusement, I say switch off the television, your cellphone, your internet, and stick your head out of the window.  Nature provides you with free entertainment, with both the thrills and twists that only nature can provide.  I never cease to be amazed, and sometimes scared by nature, and thats what makes it better than anything the media can provide.  Try it sometime.


12 responses to “Enjoy the free entertainment by nature

  1. Nature is fantastic, particularly if your sitting in the middle of the forest. Nothing like watching a moose walk by your window. But thunderstorms are another thing. Although it is thrilling to watch the lightening above the hills across the way, it’s not so cool when it hits your telephone pole and dances about outside said window. And then there’s always the chance of a forest fire………………But by all means, go watch the storm, you’ll probably see some amazing things.

  2. It was all that one had before television and radio. I often wonder what the night sky would have looked like before all the light pollution came around. Enjoy nature, so that it can enjoy you!

    • In Britain due to public debt councils like Colchester plan to switch off most street lights at night. The return to the dark ages may have the positive twist of encouraging people to see the glory of nature at night.

  3. In Manitoba (Canada) it has been nothing but cold and windy, and rainy. Since I don’t drive, I would say I am more exposed to it than many. Not very comfortable when i’m out jogging, but I do enjoy the smell and sounds of the rain, and it is nice to cuddle with my cat, turn off everything and listen to the rain. As for thunderstorms, we do see a lot every summer and I never miss em.

  4. Well said, i’ve experienced a few rain storms in england, and rain storms here in canada, and well, i must say, there is a difference, but worth every moment i gaze. Too much of a good thing, well, can get depressing if it never stops, but refreshing nonetheless 🙂

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