The start of summer and a time of renewal

My plan from today through the Summer is positive action to do with renewal.

Today is May 1st, the Celts call Beltane.  The festival of Beltane marks the first day of Summer, and victory by the summer archetype over the winter archetype.

Throughout Europe people will celebrate the fire festival of Beltane, from maypole dancing, to morris men, to the typically Scottish desire to throw great celebrations like the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival.

The Celtic archetype associated with Beltane is known as Belenus, a favoured archetype of the Celtic rulers of my town of Colchester, who included the archetype in their personal names, for instance Cunobelin, Tasciovanus or Cassivellaunus.  Belenus is the archetype of the farmers, its name to the hunters is Silvanus, and to the men of the sea, Manawydan. Colchester had a temple dedicated to Silvanus.

Belenus, like Apollo, has three principle areas of concern: prophecy, bardic arts, and healing.  Prophecy is really a skilled mix of good observation and knowledge of how things work (practical wisdom); the “prophet” may throw in theater to impress the onlookers.  The Bard transferred the practical wisdom and insights into word and music.

The healer renewed what was broken or diseased. At Beltane the farmer would drive their animals between fires to kill the bugs that infested the animals.  Fences would be rebuilt, ditches maintained, and relationships mended.  This was the time of repairing tools, repairing roofs and renewal.

I have decided for this Summer to follow the same pattern as the Celts, to strive to repair and renew various things in my life over the next three months.


2 responses to “The start of summer and a time of renewal

  1. Happy Beltane. I’d wash my face in the dew, but it is still frozen this morning! Maybe later when it melts.

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