Practical wisdom is relative

The knowledge we consider true for a thing may be different to that of another person, whose right?

Get five blind men together who have never known an elephant, get each one to touch one part of the elephant, but no other part: a leg, a tail, a tusk, a trunk and the back.  Each will be able to describe in some manner what their experience of the elephant is from the part they touched.  Each blind man will have only a fraction of the knowledge of the elephant at their disposal and yet they will argue with each other that their truth is real and the others false.  Whose right?

A normal person sees the colour red, the colour blind person sees the colour green.  Whose right?

The Sami people of the Arctic encountered riders on horses at a point in the past who caused death and destruction.  To the Sami these creatures seemed half horse and half man, and they grew to fear the horse, considering it demonic.  Those who head off to the races see horses as a fun way to lose-win money through gambling, they have no fear of horses.  Whose right?


3 responses to “Practical wisdom is relative

  1. As a colorblind person, I can tell you that because I have to slow down at all lights that are either green or red, I am not right because if I assume red is green I’m going to be in a hurt locker, physically and financially for a loooooooooong time. 🙂

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