People learn through doing and exposure to experience

What happens in the past is fixed, but the future can be altered by changes in the present.

From the well of my subconscious sprang the shadow of a memory from childhood when I read a WordPress blog post.  As a child aged nine I visited a lake upon which I found a nest.  In the nest was these vast eggs, and I took one of those eggs, a swan’s egg.  At the time it did not occur to me the implications of what I had done, in taking the egg I had deprived a swan of its life.  Amazingly the connection was only made right now, which was a slight mental earthquake. Damn!

By default, as Thomas Aquinas says, children are born with an empty slate.  It is through their experience that children learn the ways of the world and their place in it.  The child who is treated to hate, will only know hate.  No child is born good, evil, moral or with any defined operating system, it is learnt from scratch.  Yes, the child has nerve cell wiring that pushes them to certain actions, but those lumps of brain cells need activating through experience of life.  Children learn about love, nature and practical wisdom through the doing, but they have to be placed into situations so that they learn this.

For whatever reason people neglected to connect me with nature in such a way to appreciate that by taking that swan egg I would take a life.  It did not occur to me.

I am unable to change the past, I can however impact the future.  At some point the swans will get help from me, which will assist in helping a number of them prosper, this has been added to my future plans.


9 responses to “People learn through doing and exposure to experience

  1. Very true. Great post! 🙂

  2. If only everyone thought like this. Things would be in much better order. But they don’t, and I can’t worry about everyone else. Just my self.. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this, for many reasons! I love the sentiments, and how you plan to help swans in the future; I love how you’d made the point that “No child is born good, evil, moral or with any defined operating system, it is learnt from scratch.” and, I love how you haven’t tried to apportion blame on anyone, nor to have felt the need to express guilt for an action carried out when you were unaware of the implications. It also demonstrates the importance of passing on what we have learned, and that by sharing the lesson, the benefits can be far reaching, even beyond what we can imagine.

  4. While reading, I was thinking that it was too bad that you didn’t have the company of an older, wiser child, young adult or adult, to talk with you about your impulse to take the swan egg and stop you from doing so.
    I liked your post very much, but I do think that we’re more than hard-wired for “certain action.” I’d like to reblog your post in the near future and write my own post in reply – both in agreement and contrast, if this is okay with you?

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