Thank you to my readers!

The Liberated Way blog marked one hundred “followers” yesterday.

I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog for your comments, likes, following, reading, nominations for awards, reblogging and feedback.  Yesterday marked a mile stone with this blogs one hundredth follower.

One of the first activities each morning is that I head straight to my e-mail account; I go through over one hundred e-mails of activity in association with this blog or my commenting on other blogs.  After this I then start to think about the subject I shall write about on this blog.

On occasion I have a “block”, I have so much to write about, but I am not flowing.  I stop, sometimes I scrap the blog I was writing, then start again.  I head off into other people’s blogs, then something I read ignites a reaction, then I write about it.  Sometimes there is a fireworks display in my head, then many blogs result.  Creativity is like some springs, it is either gushing after a heavy rainfall, dry in drought, or coming up from the ground in a steady trickle.

Starting a blog is easy, keeping it going is hard.  I try for one post a day on this blog, but it takes time, motivation and creativity; there is always moments that one of those three aspects are missing, but I fight on, and I will try to produce something.  It is important for bloggers to keep those blogs regular, keep the blogs active, keep them interesting.  I think it a shame that some of the blogs I follow are no longer regular, I like those blogs when they appear.

It helps if you love to write, which I do.  I am glad that people find what I write useful to them.


5 responses to “Thank you to my readers!

  1. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. I always want to hear more, I check your blogs every morning. Makes me feel good. A positive start to the day, unlike the awful newspaper i’ve pretty much abandoned.

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