Creativity dislikes being rushed

Stress kills creativity.

I have asked an artist to produce a logo for Liberated Way.  This artist today e-mailed me to say they had a hectic week, they will start working on the logo Monday.  My first reaction to the artist is to thank them for the update, but I will not place pressure upon them to create the logo quickly.

There are times when things are urgent, but then that is likely down to poor planning on my part.  In creative projects I give the artists a lot of space, as little stress as possible, and plenty of time to produce their work.  I set out the initial guidelines of what I want, then I let the artist get on with it to produce the results.

Nobody can force creativity, it has its own mind, and vanishes when you apply force against it.  Creativity can gush, trickle or fall asleep depending upon many factors.  To attract the bee, butterfly or bird a garden has to be created with the sort of things that will attract them, which is the same with creativity.  You have to create the environment for creativity to exist in.

In the modern world there is a pressure to conform, to adhere to rigid rules, to rush, to work under stressful conditions.  None of those four elements are good for creativity, especially rushing.  Stop, slow, wait; let creativity come to you.  Feed creativity, nurture creativity, and be ready with notebook to capture the ideas when they appear.


2 responses to “Creativity dislikes being rushed

  1. Creative energy cannot be rushed, sometimes an artist (anyone creative) have to wait for the right moment.

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