Do you need television, Facebook, Twitter?

I have no need for television, Facebook or Twitter.


I gave away my television three years ago.  The benefits are: an annual saving of £145.50 for UK TV license fee; annual savings of 500+ hours; elimination of exposure to toxic mental junk.

The first two weeks of no television was confusing, I had all this time to fill. I had withdrawal symptoms, especially in stressful moments, a need to lose my mind in the television.  I now have filled up all my time with other activities, and I would have no time to watch television if I wanted to do so.  Create a diary for one week to note how many hours are spent in front of the television, it may shock you.

There are no benefits to watching television, it is designed to sell you advertising; and what is produced is for entertainment value only; the authentic factual content is questionable, dumbed down, sloppy, false or prejudiced.  Because of copyright, unless you buy the content, you are restricted on how you can use the material shown on television.

Carers may think it good to sit children in front of a television, the modern day baby sitter of choice, but the television will download violence, sex, manipulative marketing and wrong knowledge into the heads of impressionable minds; children will believe it and will act it out. Television appeals because it is easy on the mind, which “falls asleep”, treating the television no different to the experience of dreaming.


I have no Facebook.  I experimented with Facebook personally and for my business.  I found Facebook to be useless to my needs.  I survived in life before Facebook, and I still can without Facebook.

The only benefit of Facebook was that I could track down old friends, but did they want to be tracked down, and do I want to be tracked down?

What irks me about Facebook is that it plans to become a public corporation on the stock market; the product that Facebook is selling is the personal information freely given of its customers, i.e. it did not create the product; no shares have been freely given to Facebook customers for their personal information; the Facebook customer is looked at as like cattle to be farmed for profit.

Privacy and personal information is treated with contempt by faceless people; I lost control of my personal and business information on Facebook, I lost control of my own privacy and space.

Stalking, bullying, the loss of privacy are issues the customer of Facebook will face.

Break down all the benefits of Facebook, you may find, like me, that alternative solutions can be found to address those needs without Facebook cluttering up your life.


I have no Twitter account. I experimented with Twitter.  The only benefit of Twitter to me is the real time updates during events of significance such as disasters, war, elections.  I see Twitter as time wasted creating verbose junk, nobody will read.


9 responses to “Do you need television, Facebook, Twitter?

  1. Hi Alex,
    It gives me pleasure to nominate you for the Liebster Blog award. Please see my post of May 12 for details.
    ~ Paul

  2. Do TV Facebook and Twitter have something in common?

  3. As to the title of your blog post, I believe that a shameful number of human beings NEED television, facebook and/or twitter. It’s an absolute disgrace and waste of human potential. TV is a bloodsucking tick, soporific and can even be a non-sentient partner in a marriage. The other two you mentioned are poor excuses for actual thought and for the most part, used for self-serving, self-absorbed inane, boring, senseless communication. There’s going to be a backlash from all this garbage. I don’t know when or how, but it’s coming….

  4. “inane, boring, senseless communication” = oxymoron….

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