Everyone should have a good team and lots of customers

But get rid of the junk, especially the parasites.

A blog about those who make an individuals social network by LuciferianBlog had me thinking about those that make up my network.  My approach is simpler, there are two types: the team and the customer.

The Team

These could be family, your employees, your children, your mentors, your “real” friends”.  These are your support structure, who work for the same goals.  You all bring something to the table, and leave the table winner.

Look after your team, you support each other through the rough and good times.

The Customer

If you are a business, the customer are those who buy your product or service. If you are a teacher, the students are your customer. If you are an employee, your boss and their clients are your customer. If you have a blog, your readers are your customer. If you are a politician, those that vote for you are your customer.

Customers are important, as without them what you offer to the world becomes worthless.  Look after your customers, always provide something of value to them, and they will offer something of value to you in their support of you.


If people are not part of your team or a customer, they are junk, get rid of them. Junk can be like all those people who clutter your Facebook account. Junk can be those unwanted sales calls.  Junk can be the politicians, rock stars, sports stars, movie stars who desire you give attention (and money) to them.


These are junk, but worse they do harm.  Parasites include bullies, trolls, critics, haters; those that steal energy, time and money from you; make your life a less happy existence.  Eliminate these as priority.


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